If you don't sign up for the activities, you may enter the auditorium until the end... and you can also stay out if the place is full!

To better organize access we have implemented a registration system for activities. This allows the auditorium to be relocated and accommodated so that it has more space in the activities that arouse the greatest interest.

The system can also be useful for you, as it helps you to better organize your time and your event agenda, and assure your place in the activities that generate the most interest for you.

During the festival, people who have registered for it will go first to each activity, and if there are places available at the end, people who have not registered will be able to enter according to their order of arrival.

Here we tell you how the registration system will work (which will open around August 20). Do not forget that in order to register for the activities you must first have a passport assigned to your account. Check how to acquire it and assign it to your account here.

Important note: Due to their very limited space, registration for workshops and "Coffee with" are handled differently. You can see how here.

Registration for screenings and conferences

Once you have an assigned passport, login to the system and go to the “Program” section of the main menu (available around August 20), where you will find all the activities arranged by day and time.

In each activity there will be a button that says "Enroll". Simply press it and you will be registered.

If the button does not appear, it is for one of these reasons:

  • You are not logged in
  • You have not assigned the pass you bought (see how to do it [here])
  • Your pass does not entitle you to that activity

You will be able to verify the activities that you are registering in the “My Activities” section of the menu that is located in the upper right corner.

Important notes:

  • There are activities that do not require registration (such as VR experiences, or visiting the puppet show). Obviously in those cases you just have to show up at the place and wait your turn.
  • The third forum of the festival is an open space, so the quota is flexible. In the case of these activities, we have added the registration button so that you can write them down in your agenda, and to indicate if the number of interested parties exceeds too much. But even in those cases you can go at the time of the activity and listen to it (even if it is stopped).
  • There are activities whose quota was assigned from a call (such as the Pitch Ideatoon or the Pitch SecuenciArte). In those cases, the activity will appear registered in the schedule of those who were finalists.

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