There are two ways to get your festival pass. You can buy them (through the Paypal system if you do not live in Mexico), or you can use a code. In this text we explain how to do it with both forms.

How to buy your accreditation

This year we will have two payment methods: Paypal or through a bank deposit (if you live in Mexico). For international visitors we recommend using the Paypal alternative.

In order to pay your Pass, you must follow these steps:

  1. Sign up In the upper right side of your screen, there's a button that says "Login".
  2. Go to the home page and select “BUY ACCREDITATIONS”.
  3. Select the pass you wish to purchase.
  4. Buy your Pass.
  5. Choose the Paypal option and click "Pay". You will be sent to Paypal to make your payment. Once Paypal notify us about your payment, the system will validate your Pass.
  6. Assign your pass: In order to be able to register to the different activities, you must assign your purchased pass to your account.
    • Go to your user menú (in the upper right side of your screen) and select Acreditation.
    • Choose “Asignar” and put the email with which you are registered and select “Buscar”
    • If the information that appears is yours, press "Confirmar"

Assigning passes with promo code

If you received a promotional pass, the process is simpler. Just go to the section “Buy Accreditations” and at the bottom you will find the “Code” option. Then you need to copy-paste the code in the promotional pass to the box and then click on the button “Redeem.”

At that time the pass will be linked to your account.

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