El Chinelo Award

The Chinelo is a recognition that we grant every year to excellence in Animation, Comics and Video Games. On the one hand, it is the prize that is awarded to the winning animated short films in the four categories in the competition, as well as the best Mexican comic published in the year, and the best video game.

The award is also for our most important contests: both Ideatoon (best animated series or film project in development) and SecuenciArte (best comic project).

Additionally, each year we look for an international personality to honor his career and contributions to the industry, which inspire emerging talents in Latin America.

Among those who have received this Chinelo Lifetime Achievement Award are:

  • Phil Lord & Chris Miller
  • Guillermo del Toro
  • Georgina Hayns
  • Peter Lord
  • Jorge Gutiérrez & Sandra Equihua
  • Sandra Rabins
  • Lee Unkrich
  • Henry Selich
  • Phill Tippet

About El Chinelo

Sculpted by the multi-award-winning director and sculptor from Guadalajara Rita Basulto, the figure represents a Chinelo, which is a masked dancer inherited from the carnival in central Mexico, which mixes indigenous and Catholic traditions.

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