Pixelatl is a Mexican association founded in 2011, which is dedicated to promoting the creation and dissemination of graphic and audiovisual narratives, to expand the Latin American offer and extend its audiences globally.

In addition to the Festival, Pixelatl manages the Ideatoon strategy for the development of animated intellectual properties, SecuenciArte to promote emerging comic authors, La Cumbre, which is a Creative Services Market and a Conference to discuss common strategies for the industry, and manages the CCD Conecta (recruitment and employment program) for Ciudad Creativa Digital de Jalisco.

Pixelatl also conducts workshops to develop projects, manages delegations in international markets, develops and applies business incubation methodologies and intellectual property, and has a small comic book publisher, among other strategies.

Why are we doing all this?

We believe that the entertainment-oriented creative industry is a lever for dignity, development and reconciliation for our countries, as it closes economic, social and cultural gaps, and is an engine of economic growth.

In addition, the narrative is the best vehicle for the human being to connect, regardless of past or context, with other people and cultures ... and with oneself.

You can learn about the history of Pixelatl and its various initiatives over ten years in our blog at Pixelatl.com (at the moment only in Spanish)

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