One of the things that makes Pixelatl a special experience is the relaxed and trusting atmosphere that helps networking, and that helps guests feel comfortable to go through the different spaces and participate in the activities.

This atmosphere is lost when the effusiveness overflows or the minimum standards of decorum are not met, or the instructions are not followed.

That is why we have established some basic rules that will help make the festival experience better for everyone.

By participating in the Festival you agree to comply with the following regulations:

1. Respect all participants

The guests are people like you who need to feel safe and calm to be able to participate in any activity. Following them all the time is considered harassment even if you don't talk to them.

If any guest or anyone else expresses that they do not wish to chat with anyone at the time (or sign autographs or take photos or answer questions), insisting is also considered harassment.

2. No photographs or videos in conferences with proprietary material

Some conferences will indicate that unpublished material will be shown. Therefore it is forbidden to take photographs or video or reveal any advance that is being shared during those talks.

3. Follow the instructions of volunteers and security personnel

Please follow at all times instructions from volunteers and security personnel, in particular at the entrance and exit of conferences, or in situations related to security and civil protection

4. Keep adequate behavior at all times

By participating in the festival, you commit to controlling your behavior and the effusiveness that you may feel, so that you never lose your composure, do not interrupt the lectures and, in general, maintain a behavior appropriate to the activity and the circumstances.

5. Do not introduce things that could put you or other attendees at risk

The introduction of any material that could be considered a weapon of any kind, as well as flammable materials is prohibited. The use of illegal drugs is ALSO prohibited at ALL EVENT SITES.

6. Be respectful of the spaces and activities that your passport entitles you to

If you have doubts at any time you can ask the staff or volunteers about access to an activity. However, it is forbidden to deliberately try to enter a talk or an area where you have no access or cutting places in the lines before conferences.

Failure to comply with any of these rules implies removal of your passport without refund

About the use of your personal image in networks and galleries

Pixelatl does not sell, distribute, or profit from images taken during the festival. However, by participating in the event, you accept the possible use (non-profit) of photographs or videos where you could appear, only through the Pixelatl networks, the festival's galleries (in any of our websites) or in promotional dossiers that are distributed among possible guests or sponsors of the following editions.

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