Here you will find information on the opportunities and discounts for the 2022 edition of the festival.

1. Discount coupons

If you received a discount coupon, check the payment instructions and in the payment process you will see the field to write the coupon code. Remember that the coupon is only valid for the indicated pass, and can only be used once.

2. Group Discounts

This year we have the following group discounts:

  • 10-16 people: 10% discount
  • 17-24 people: 15% discount
  • 25-33 people: 20% discount
  • 34-43 people: 25% discount
  • More than 44 people: 30% discount

The group discount applies for Fan and Creator passes only. The Market pass doesn’t have group discount and must be purchased individually.

In order to apply the discounts all passes must be purchased at the same time. After acquiring all the passes, you must assign each purchased pass to a previously registered email. If you link a pass to a non-validated email, our system won't let you move forward.

3. Get your pass with any of our calls or contests

Mexico is a country with a huge economic gap. That's why during the year, Pixelatl launched more than ten different calls and competitions that give accreditations for the Festival to the participants, so they can get access with their talent.

Contests such as SecuenciArte (comic projects) and Anima Estudio Pitch give access to Mexican talent regardless of their economic condition.

Moreover, contests such as Ideatoon (animated series projects) and Girl Power (IP projects), extends the promotion to participants from all over Latin America.

For those interested in the Festival from the rest of the world, for the moment we only have the short film contest, which gives a Creator Pass for the oficial selection (if this is your case, please email us at requesting your promotional code).

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