Find yourself

Here you are.

With so many overlapping crises, and in a war of beliefs. How many lies is too much? How much hate is tolerable?

This is no time to give up.

More storms are coming and the days can be violent. But it is the world we fight for. The only planet we have.

It's not as simple as they say.

It is not to classify those who are bad and try to destroy them. The problem is not who has more power, because selfishness is already a self-preservation instinct, which we all have.

Therefore, every good deed is sedition.

In this utilitarian context, helping another is a small rebellion. All the resistance occurs in daily battles: something we gain in each correct decision.

The real revolution is generosity.

It's not about being friends with friends. It is the distant one who claims me, with whom I must make a "we". Because the world belongs to everyone.

Then I'm going to transform.

Because in the eyes of the other is my reflection, he is the place where I find myself. Only with the different ones I see further and better. They make me more complete.

Change is not betrayal.

The world is more than what I can see now. Only without prejudice we can see what we all already are, and what we can be.

Then joy will be born.

Because overcoming fear is easy when we are more. That's why we must see ourselves in the eyes of the different. There you are. There you will find yourself.

The strength we share grows.

About the Manifesto: At the beginning of each year we publish a manifesto to guide us as a community. It is also the basis for developing the creative concept and image of each year's festival.

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