We believe that it is essential to meet face to face and share in a common space, but what we learned in the online editions of the festival in 2020 and 2021, is that our community also values the experience of an online version of the festival when they cannot attend for economic or work reasons 2.

In addition, some guests who will not be able to attend physically due to agenda issues, have shown their willingness to have a talk or participate in online dynamics.

For this reason we have designed an online version of the festival with an exclusive and complementary program, with On-Demand access to content.

Unfortunately, due to copyright issues of the material that some guests show during their talks in the forum, the full program that takes place in person cannot be transferred to the online edition, but instead we will have some exclusive master classes for the Online version of the festival , both performed live on the days of the event, and pre-recorded that will be available to those who have a Plus pass.

The Plus Pass

This pass is also designed as a complement for those who attend the festival in person, and wish to have access to the content available in the On-Demand version that they could not attend in person (as well as the master classes that are exclusive online).

Therefore, the Plus pass gives you the same physical access to the activities that the Creator pass grants, but you will also have On-Demand access to all the content of the Online program until September 30, including the master classes that they will only be online.

This benefit also applies to the Market pass.

How to access online content

Once you have purchased a Plus pass, you only have to enter the website with your account, where the content will be transmitted and will remain there for On-Demand access.

For online portfolio review activities, participants must upload their portfolio to, then locate available vacancies that match their skills and experiences in the “Recruitment” section, and request a review. The recruiter will see the portfolio and schedule an online interview, or decline it if it does not meet the profile they are looking for. In both cases the applicant will receive a notification by email.

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