Every year Pixelatl has a creative partner who, based on the Pixelatl Manifesto, creates an animated short film.

Pixelatl's Creative Partner in 2022 is Mighty, an animation studio based in Guadalajara Jalisco that this year celebrates 10 years since its foundation, and as part of its celebration has decided to collaborate with Pixelatl once again.

Mighty Animation define themselves as passionate studio that loves all the stages of the animation pipeline, starting to contribute with different ideas, scripts, visual development, even full animation, both 2D and 3D, as well as storytelling and design. Mighty Animation believes that creativity is always the center and heart of their work.

Founded ten years ago by Claudio Jiménez and Luis Pa Salmón, Mighty is currently one of the main Mexican studios, with exponential growth in recent years, developing original projects such as Viking Tales (created by Ivanovich Verduzco), or serving the main international networks such as Disney, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Bardel, Bento Box, Titmouse or Warner Animation, to name a few.

The animated short film produced for the festival was directed by the Mexican artist Julio Pacheco, imprinting a look and feel of a children's book, both in its textures, lines and color, to create the special world of the short film.

All the images that illustrate this article are the first samples of the conceptual art developed by Mighty.

You can learn more about the studio on its portal:

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