Nazul Sobrino


Nazul Sobrino

Storyboard Revisionist at Nickelodeon


My name is Nazul Sobrino -- I'm a storyboard artist located in Los Angeles, California, with a love of TV animation and storytelling. Currently working as a revisionist at Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

I've worked in the animation industry for about two years now - previously as a revisionist at Titmouse Inc., and a storyboard artist at Lionsgate Inc., Late Night Cartoons Inc., and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. Some of the shows I've worked on include Marvel's MODOK, Crossing Swords, Robot Chicken, and more!

I am a second generation Mexican American, transgender woman, as well as a jazz musician, foodie, cat lover, and DnD-certified Lawful Good. All of these things make up who I am: a bundle of sunshine energy and good vibes.

I have experience as a board artist in action, comedy, and musical sequences for 2D, CG, or Stop Motion shows, for both young and adult audiences.