Miguel Español Celiméndiz


Miguel Español Celiméndiz


I was borned in Spain, in 1993, in a small village close to the Pirinees where I grew up between blend fields and olive trees.

After finishing my degree in Hispanique literature I moved to Marseille, where I discovered what it means to have a life close to the sea, and where I could watch the most wonderful sunsets. There, I worked in some audiovisual companies and festivals and then I moved to Arles to start my master degree in Managing of cultural institutions.

In Arles I discovered Miyu Distribution and the excellent work made by Luce, Laure and Candice distributing animated films. Currently, I work full time for Miyu Distribution and I developpe projects and actions for the LGBTQI+ community.

I'm really engaged with intersectional issues and I always try to learn more and more about our world, trying to improve society not just for myself but for everybody around me.