Wouter Tulp


Wouter Tulp

Character Designer

'I tell stories...'

As a character designer it is my goal to help the director of a film to tell his story most effectively. I push myself to develop unique, interesting and useful ideas. Working closely with the director and the team, these concepts lead to believable and appealing characters the audience can relate to.

A character does not stand alone. With the entire team of writers and artists, a framework is created in which every design falls into place, and every part of the design helps to tell the story.

I started out my career as a freelance illustrator, creating many different kinds of illustrations, like children's books, book covers, editorial illustrations and caricatures. This variety of work helped me to shape and refine my technique and craft, that eventually led to becoming a versatile character designer for feature animation, that has now become my core business. I am extremely passionate about my work, and I love to share what I learn every day.