Nacho Arjona


Nacho Arjona

Founder and CEO of Naolito & Director of 'Homework'

Hi all!

My name is Nacho Arjona and I am a Spanish artist and filmmaker.

After 12 years as a full-time illustrator, I decided to take a big step in my career and I switched to animation. Storytelling is my passion, so I feel that animation allows me to create a much better representation of my concepts and characters. To my surprise, people seemed to love my animations from the very first day, so I kept creating and sharing them with my +600k followers on Instagram, who support my work on a daily basis.

I've worked for international companies such as NETFLIX, PLAYSTATION, NESTLÉ, PEAK, PILOT, BENQ, etc.

Also, I have published two illustrated books: Villains need Love (2017, self-published) and El Lado adorable de la Vida (2021, by Lunwerg Editores).

Nowadays I'm based in Málaga (Spain) where I work on some featured animated projects, such as A bright blue dot animated series and Homework, a 3D animated short film.

Check out my work at www.instagram.com/naolito