Patricio Betteo


Patricio Betteo


Betteo is a renowned Mexican illustrator and author. Recent work includes collaboration with Robert Valley for the animated shorts Zima Blue and Ice , which are part of Netflix's acclaimed Love, Dead & Robots , as well as the compilation of microfictions (strips and short stories, illustrated poetry) that is about to be published by Oceano in September of this year.

He studied Graphic Design at the National School of Plastic Arts of UNAM. He has worked professionally writing and drawing comics, and doing concept art (for both animation and video games), storyboarding, and editorial illustration.

He has illustrated more than thirty books (as author or co-author) and made illustrations for many others, collaborating with various publishers in Mexico and the world. In addition, the illustrations and strips of it have been published in various national and international newspapers and magazines. His paintings and graphic work have been exhibited in galleries in Mexico, Bucharest, Paris, Madrid, and Athens.

As an author, his work includes novels, illustrated stories, graphic novels, and the most recent "microfictions."