César Cepeda


César Cepeda

Plastic artist

César has worked in film, animation and theater production, as director, producer, screenwriter, art director, stop motion animation director, set designer and illuminator. He is currently part of the KraNeo Estudio team.

He directed the project Historia de un títere awarded video installation in Quito. He directed the shortfilms Under the Tree, Puebla 1862 Covered with Glory, Elena and the Shadows (winner of several awards, including an Ariel), and Raíces, Pixelatl 2019 promotional short.

He has won several grants: FOESCAP 2013 with the project Experimental animation, production methods and 2017 with the project Animation for all: and 2019 Cultural Development Program for Youth of the Ministry of Culture of Puebla with the project Animation in Action.

He is also a teacher in the degrees in Plastic Arts, Cinematography, Digital Art, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design.

He is currently director of the projects Bruno, Collector and Julia y el Portal del Abismo (Stop motion feature film).