Open Networking


Open Networking

Throughout the festival we will have a Discord server as an additional space so that all festival participants, regardless of the type of pass they have, can interact with each other, present themselves, show works, comment on conferences and, finally, live together.

What will you find on the Discord server? On the one hand, text and audio channels. There is also an information space for any questions you may have.

In addition, there are several audio channels that replicate the spaces of the in-person festival, and there are surprise activities that will take place every day of the festival (including visits by some guests to the audio channels).

*And how can you get into the Discord server?

If you have any type of pass, during the festival find this activity in the program, and there you will find the link so you can join.


  • Type of activity: Networking Activity
  • Date and time: Monday 6th to Saturday 11th, during festival hours
  • Application for the activity: Remo.Co
  • Access: Market, Plus, Creator, Fan or Amigo Pass