Non-selected project consultancies


Non-selected project consultancies

Advisor: Joan Lofts

For projects not selected in Ideatoon, this space is opened so that they can receive some feedback on their project.

On this occasion, instead of one-to-one meetings, a session will be held where participants can listen to Joan Lofts, producer of Peppa Pig, talk about the most important elements of a bible, and where they can review the works to give feedback.


  • Type of activity: Advisory Session
  • Date and time: Monday 6, 13:00 hrs. (Mexico City)
  • Application for the activity: elaula.mx
  • Access: Exclusively for creators of non-selected Ideatoon projects
  • Note: This activity is in English
  • How to register to participate: If you registered a project in ideatoon that was not selected, locate this activity in the program section and request a place to access. Your account will be compared with the registered projects to give you access. You will receive a confirmation email and in the program section the link to the activity will appear on the day of its completion.