Free Networking Tables


Free Networking Tables

We believe that those who participate in the festival are your potential allies: not only industry colleagues, but future collaborators and partners.

Therefore, the main objective of our festival, beyond conferences, workshops or screenings, is to open spaces for Networking among attendees. And this activity is about that

It is a space where you can hold casual encounters with other festival participants, in an application that virtually replicates the format of networking tables. Check more details of the application here.

The objective of the activity is that you can expand your network of contacts and strengthen the links you already have.


  • Type of activity: Free Networking Meetings
  • Date and time: Monday 6 and Saturday 11, 17:00 hrs. (Mexico City)
  • Application for the activity: Remo
  • Access: Market, Plus, Creator, Fan or Amigo Pass
  • Note: This activity will be in English and Spanish