MoMakers for beginners


MoMakers for beginners

Workshop for Professionals

Speaker: Estefanía Calzada

This workshop is similar to the paper illustration workshop for professionals, but at a basic level and for beginners. We will also use two simple characters from the festival image for inspiration to represent a lottery card.

We will work the paper as the main media in an illustration, using it in two-dimensions, creating the sensation of depth through planes.

We will use two of the characters in the festival poster for inspiration, representing a lottery card.

A PDF with the template of the pieces of the characters will be sent to participants so that they can print it before the workshop.

During the workshop, we will talk about the role and its characteristics, the handling of the different tools and materials. And then we will assemble the pieces of the illustration.

Attendee requirements: Computer or device with camera and microphone (to take the online workshop). Over 16 years old

Materials: Scissors (preferably with a good edge and a fine point), Cutter, Glue stick (Kores or Pritt), Resistol white, Wooden chopsticks, Rule, Court Rule, Cutting board or cutting surface, White Bristol Paper (200gr), Paper illustration, Acrylic paints, watercolors, markers or Wood colors (lighting material), White Foami Sheet(optional), Fine-tipped tweezers, Awl, Paper folder, Double-sided tape, Color papers


  • Type of activity: Live Workshop
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Date and time: Saturday 11, 10:00 hrs. (Mexico City)
  • Application for the activity: Zoom
  • Access: Market, Plus, Creator, Fan or Amigo Pass
  • Note: This activity will be in Spanish
  • How to participate: This is an open workshop. See how places are assigned in this article