GIFS Workshop


GIFS Workshop

Complex stories in simple formats

Speakers: Aranzazu y Adriana Zamora

Based on group creativity exercises, the participants will define a character, a setting, an action and a conflict to develop a short story that will be captured in a 3-second animation

Workshop for artists, illustrators, animators and anyone with basic knowledge of illustration or animation.

Requirements: Software for drawing or animating. Notebook to write down and / or make sketches, tools for drawing. If the participants prefer, they can make the animation on paper.


  • Type of activity: Live Workshop
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Date and time: Friday 10, 12:30 hrs. (Mexico City)
  • Application for the activity: Zoom
  • Access: Market, Plus, Creator, Fan or Amigo Pass
  • Note: This activity will be in Spanish
  • How to participate: This is an open workshop. See how places are assigned in this article