2021 Online Edition

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2021 Online Edition

In 2021 the Pixelatl festival will be held online. Learning from the experience of the entire previous year, we have made adjustments to promote the Networking among participants to foster a unique experience of professional and human bonding.

To achieve this, we will use different applications and platforms according to the different types of activities.

The screenings and conferences will be broadcast through elaula.mx.

Zoom, Remo and Discord will be used for different networking dynamics and B2B meetings.

In addition, for recruitment, market agendas and favoring Networking we use elatlas.mx.

This website, elfestival.mx, is informative: here you can find the details of each activity. It is also the place to buy and assign the different types of passes, and during the festival it is also the place where you can find the links to access the activities.

In this section (Information / Venues) you can find a brief explanation of how we use each platform. Choose the articles that are to the right of this text in the desktop version, or below in the mobile version.