La Lotería

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La Lotería

The multi-award winners Sandra Equihua and Jorge Gutierrez are the creators of the promotional poster of the Pixelatl Festival 2021, based on the classic characters of the Traditional Mexican Lottery, such as "La Catrina", "El Diablito", "La Sirena", "El Valiente" and much others.

In Mexico "La Lotería" is a board game similar to Bingo, used at fairs, kermeses and family parties, but it uses a series of classic characters from popular Mexican life.

Each player is dealt a board that has 12 or more of these characters. Someone takes one at random from a deck of character cards, and shouts the character's name loudly. If this character is found on any of the players' boards, he marks it. The player who fills his board loudly yells Lottery, and is the winner of the game.

And thanks to the talent of Sandra and Jorge, the Pixelatl Festival 2021 navigates around those traditional characters of the Mexican Lottery.