El Manifiesto

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El Manifiesto

About the Manifesto: At the beginning of each year we publish a manifesto to guide us as a community towards some aspecto that we consider relevant for the development of our industry. It is also the basis for the development of the creative concept of the festival of the year.

Pixelatl Manifesto 2021

We need each other

Because when we return to the world, it is no longer the same world.

Because there are too many damages and accumulated pain.

Because we are afraid of our current reality and the uncertain future.

Because the challenge is not only economic, nor did it start with the pandemic.

Because leaders only sow resentment and division in their power struggle.

Because the planet is hurt, and we must restore it.

Because you can't do it alone, and neither can’t I.

We need each other.

To tell your story, to hear the story, to heal the Story.

To overcome bitterness and learn to be generous.

To rediscover the path, heal the world, and repair our future.

We need each other.