Leticia Gillett


Leticia Gillett

Character Modeler

Leticia is a 3D modeler and texture artist with a focus on bringing characters to life. In her current role as a Character Modeler, Leticia takes 2D concepts and translates them to 3D models.

Leticia worked in Brazil with Archviz , in commercial houses as a 3D generalist and taught for 3 years on the subjects of Archviz and 3D Character Creation. Upon learning about Gnomon School of Visual Effects, she re-organized her entire life and moved to California to pursue her dream of becoming a Character Modeler. After finishing school, Leticia worked for various studios including Disney Consumer Products, Blizzard Entertainment, Dreamworks and Netflix Animation.

Today, Leticia lives in Los Angeles with her sweet husband, strange cat Mia and crazy dog Sadie.