How to register for "Coffee with" sessions & Workshops

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How to register for "Coffee with" sessions & Workshops

The Workshops and the activities like Coffee with have limited space because their format seeks a more fluid and closer exchange with the guest.

This year, places will be assigned in two ways depending on the type of workshop: professional or open. In the case of "Coffee with" sessions, they will follow the open format that is explained later.

Workshops for professionals

These are workshops designed for people with professional experience. To register, applicants must prove their experience by creating their profile in the Atlas, a platform specially designed for that. Then, you must request a place in the workshops of your interest.

To request a space, please follow these steps:

  1. You must have a pass assigned to your account. If you don't know how to do it, check point two of this article.
  2. Go to
  3. Complete your profile and upload your portfolio
  4. Return to the Festival website, and in the program section, locate the workshop that interests you and click on the "Solicitar Cupo" option. This step is necessary for your application to be considered.

Open workshops and Coffee with…

For these sessions, all the places are picked randomly so that all interested participants have the same opportunities to get selected. Each day, a certain number of places are raffled for each activity. The longer you take to request space, decreases your chances of getting picked because more people will try to get less seats for the session.

To request a space for this type of workshop, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you already have your assigned pass.
  2. Go to the Program section of the main menu (as of August 23), locate the workshop of your interest and press the "Solicitar cupo" button.
  3. Each day between 5 and 10 places will be raffled (depending on the quota of the workshop or the coffee with ...), and those selected will immediately receive an email notification informing them that they have already been registered for the workshop.
  4. Once the quotas of the workshops have been filled, the activity button will change its status with the legend “Cupo lleno”.

Frequent questions

How can I find out which workshops I have signed up for?

You will be able to check at any time the status of your workshops and coffee with sessions ... If you requested a place, under the "My Account" Section (upper right corner of the page). This menu will be enabled when the system is open to request spaces.

Can I request a place in all workshops and in all Coffee with...?

Yes you can, but it may not guarantee the session you want. The system is designed so that the greatest number of applicants get a seat in at least one workshop or coffe with. If you have already won a place in one of them, the chances that you will get picked in another decrease. Therefore, request a seat only in the workshops and coffe with you are most interested in.

What happens if I am selected in a workshop, and I already had a conference registered at that time?

The system maintains the registration for both activities, but since you cannot be in two different places at the same time, we ask you to unsubscribe from the conference.

If instead you don't want to attend the workshop and prefer the conference, please write to indicating the workshop that you won't attend so that we remove that registration.

Do you think that using a raffle to assign seats is unfair for professionals who would make better use of workshops?

Perhaps, but that's the reason there are two types of workshops. The professionals can participate in their workshops through the Atlas that acknowledge their trajectories and experience. This tool helps our system prioritize the places for those who have more background to take better advantage of the workshops.

Do you have an additional question, or one that is not answered here?

Please write to us at You can also ask us through