2020 Pixelatl's Manifesto

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2020 Pixelatl's Manifesto

At the end, all the stories tells only one story:

We are children of the same land.

The crack has always been there,

but that does not make the claim less fair.

And in such an uneven and selfish environment,

Being generous is a revolutionary act.

Our economic model is voracious,

It does not allow nature to regenerate.

The problem is the same with different names:

Without a world there is no equity, no freedom, no humanity.

To change, we must recognize

That many stories tell only one:

We are children of the same land.

About the Manifesto: At the beginning of each year we publish a manifesto to guide us as a community towards some aspecto that we consider relevant for the development of our industry. It is also the basis for the development of the creative concept of the festival of the year.