Feedback Sessions


Feedback Sessions

Mentors: Heather Kenyon, Joan Lofts, Cartoon Network

Feedback meetings for projects not selected from the Ideatoon 2019 contest.

The meetings will be as traditional Pitch: 10 minutes one-to-one meeting (five minutes to present the project and five to comment on it, or in this case receive feedback), and will be scheduled to the participants who request it.


  • Date and Time: Wednesday 4, 4:30 p.m.
  • Where: Flor de Mayo | Classroom 1
  • Access: This activity is exclusively for Ideatoon contestants who were not selected to participate in the Bootcamp.
  • How to register: Those interested to participate in feedback sessions, must request it by filling out this form no later than Thursday, August 29 ** so meetings can be scheduled.


  • It is necessary that you take the bible of your project to the feedback sessions, so the advisor can review it. You can carry it in print, or on a device such as a tablet or laptop, but not a phone because it is too small and unprofessional.
  • We seek to guarantee at least one advisory meeting for each unselected project that so requests. However, if spaces permit, more than one session could be scheduled with different mentors. If so, we will notify you.