Pixelatl’s Manifesto 2019

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Pixelatl’s Manifesto 2019

About the Manifesto: Every year we publish a manifesto to guide us as a community towards some aspecto that we consider relevant for the development of our industry. It is also the basis for the development of the creative concept of the festival of the year.

Roots & tomorrow

In the beginning, there was storytelling.

Stories gave us cooperation and identity.

They gave us cohesion and purpose as well.

They made us persons and, as people, community.

Then, the truths appeared: Stones, temples, and walls.

We separated the good from the bad [us and them].

The evidence stopped being the measurement of truth, leaving prejudice and fear of the others.

We stopped listening to each other. We stopped finding each other.

As simultaneous monologues, we only heard our echo.

And we started to walk in circles -trapped in the mirror.

However, we are rooted: we are still human.

We have storytelling to break solipsisms

To re-discover what we already are.

Thus: no stones, or walls, or buildings.

Rather, we need new stories.

They are the path to the other Like an offered hug or embrace.

We need to synchronize our hearts as a same beat.

Because in some way, we are represented in each story

That is why the stories are our root.

And they are tomorrow as well: When we die, stories live on

and within them, all of us.