Jan Vandierendonck


Jan Vandierendonck

Executive Director of the Film and Audiovisual Institute of Ecuador (ICCA) - Ecuador

Jan Vandierendonck, is a Belgian producer settled in Ecuador since 2008.

Since 1986 he has served as a distributor of youth films, as director of two film festivals in Belgium, as a documentary filmmaker with shootings in Ecuador, Dubai, Africa, Cuba, was president of the Guild of Directors of Belgium, director of international affairs from the Film Fund of the Government of Flanders (BE), and finally he was director of the European Film Co-Production Fund EURIMAGES in Strasbourg, France.

He has been a film professor at the universities of Brussels, Antwerp and Strasbourg. Since his arrival in Ecuador he has worked as an advisor to the CNCine, has organized workshops and film markets, has had his production company Epeyos with which he has produced three fiction feature films, has been president of the producers' association of Ecuador for five years (COPAE ), representing Ecuador in FIPCA and has worked as a professor in three universities in Ecuador. In March 2018, the first Executive Director of the ICCA was appointed, representing Ecuador in the CAACI.