Thomas Romain


Thomas Romain

CEO of Studio No Border - France/Japan

Thomas Romain is a French animation creator based in Tokyo. After graduating from Gobelins (Paris) in 2000, he moved to Japan where he has been working for more than 15 years mostly on Japanese anime TV series.

He is the leader of the French community of 2D animation artists living in Japan. His works range from character design, background design, mechanical design, storyboard, art direction and project creation. He has been credited as main staff on numerous animation titles : Code Lyoko, Oban Star-Racers, Basquash!, Symphogear, Space Dandy. Macross Delta, etc. He is also involved in the awaited TV show Cannon Busters (Netflix).

Besides his work in the animation field, Thomas Romain’s most recent project is a series of collaborative illustrations involving his two sons.

The drawings are catching the attention of a large community on a global scale since he started the series in 2017.