Chelo Loureiro


Chelo Loureiro

CEO Abano Producións - Spain

Currently Chelo Loureiro is producing the short film by David Fidalgo: Homomaquia, and the feature film by Alberto Vázquez: Unicorn Wars, as well as two other feature films that are still in the development phase: The dream of the Sultana by Isabel Herguera, and Melita by Sonia and Miriam Albert.

As an executive producer, Chelo Loureiro has produced TVseries, shortfilms, documentaries and awards feature films, always betting on author projects with unique perspective. She also support new talent by producing short films that promote young filmmakers.

She is specialized in the management of companies related to the Cultural Industries (Communication, Literature, Cinema and Plastic Arts), although for years she works exclusively in the audiovisual sector. In 2007 he founded his own production company, Abano Producións.

Chelo Loureiro is the CIMA delegate in Galicia (Association of Women Filmmakers), and a member of the Academy of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Spain and of the Galega do Audiovisual Academy.