Antonio ’Fáyer’ Uribe


Antonio ’Fáyer’ Uribe

Director y Cofundador de HyperBeard Games - México

Antonio ’Fáyer’ Uribe was born in Chilchota, a small town located in the north of Michoacán. He studied Computer Engineering in Mexico City, in the UNAM (The National University of Mexico).

In 2014, together with Joven Paul, he founded the videogame studio HyperBeard Games, which he currently directs. Hyperbeard became famous in Mexico when they released KleptoCats, a casual game with which netted millions of downloads and reached the top 10 free apps in many countries around the world.

Building on this success, Antonio and HyperBeard are currently focused on making fun little games that delight casual audiences on mobile platforms.

Only time will tell what the future holds for the hyperbeardos.