Songs of Mine


Songs of Mine

Afterlife Game Studios

Songs of Mine is a musical visualization RPG, which places the user in the role of a scientist obsessed with a mystical world. When the player finally finds a way to interact with this world through a portal of his own creation, he discovers that the world seems empty.

Inside the portal the player knows Mine, the longest spirit of this world. The player must collect the energy of his own music, and refine it to awaken Mine and save his world.

About Afterlife Game Studios

Afterlife is the product of the dream of Mayra Beristain and Rodrigo Díaz. Following their passion, they decided to create a Mexican company to create international videogames, looking for a quality experience focused on reliving the emotions transmitted by the games of the 90's.

This is how Afterlife was born, starting with games for mobile devices and the future inclusion of consoles and PC, always keeping the concepts that make a game a great game: SIMPLES, IRREVERENTS AND FUN