The art of Storytelling


The art of Storytelling

Keynote | Speaker: Steve Ahn

A good story is the heart and soul of every great project, as Steve believes. He was assistant director of The Legend of Korra for Nickelodeon, or who, even at his young age, has achieved the privilege and responsibility of directing an animation jewel like Voltron for Dreamworks TV.

The key ingredient to touch the human heart is in the narrative, in the way the stories are told. His expertise in graphic narrative and storyboards, as well as his artistic style, allowed him to quickly stand out in a very competitive industry, specially now that his own series is being developed.

In the talk, Steve will reveal some details of this journey, and reveal some of the secrets that have made him shine as one of the new gems of the world of animation.


    • Day/Time: Friday 7, 5:30 p.m.
  • Where: Main Forum
  • Access: Forum and Summit Passports