Humor y Masacre


Humor y Masacre

Duración: 69 minutos

Del Trazo al Pixel is a project that seeks to show a little-known story: that of Spanish animation cinema. It is a co-production of the CCCB and AC / E that includes a selection of animated films in different techniques, representative of these hectic years that go from the beginning of the 20th century to the present.

Program 6. Humor and Massacre

After the death of Franco begins a convulsive period in which the graphic humor plays a key role. As all the bad did not disappear during the democratic transition, the program included later works that are political or social in nature and some reflecting conspiracy theory paranoia, on controversial subjects like immigration, consumerism, domestic violence or abuse of power. To whet your appetite, we’ve included two of the oldest shorts in the programme dealing with political themes in a satirical manner

The program includes the following works:

  • La bronca | Anónimo, 1917 | 2 minutos
  • Cambó i l’autonomia | Anónimo | 1918 | 40 minutos
  • La edad de piedra | Gabriel Blanco con dibujos de Chumy Chúmez | 1965 | 11 minutos
  • Pasión siega (fragmento de Historias de amor y masacre) | Jordi Amorós | 1979 | 13 minutos
  • Caracol, col, col | Pablo Llorens | 1995 | 12 minutos
  • Cirugía | Alberto González Vázquez | 2006 | 2 minutos
  • Vicenta | Sam | 2010 | 22 minutos
  • Amor de mono | Trimono | 2015 | 4 minutos


  • Date Time: Wednesday 5, 16:00 hrs.
  • Where: Cine Morelos, sala 2
  • Acceso: All Passports

Del Trazo al Pixel, more than 100 years of Spanish animation, is a program produced by Centro de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona and Acción Cultural Española In collaboration with: Spanish Film Library, Filmoteca de Catalunya, Movierecord, Tres60.bcn and Lobster.