Sennen Joyū


Sennen Joyū

Millennium Actress

Satoshi Kon | Japan, 2001 | 87 minutes

Documentary filmmaker Genya Tachibana has tracked down the legendary actress Chiyoko Fujiwara, who mysteriously vanished at the height of her career. When he presents her with a key she had lost and thought was gone forever, the filmmaker could not have imagined that it would not only unlock the long-held secrets of Chiyoko’s life… but also his own. (letterboxd.com)

Tribute to Satoshi Kon

This screening is part of the Tribute to the great Satoshi Kon: Japanese animator, screenwriter, manga artist, and film director. His films have a realistic tone and at the same time complex stories that mix reality and dreams, real events with fantasy.

In addition to the four famous feature films he directed, he created mangas, directed episodes of animated television series and wrote scripts and collaborated with other artists. Despite his sudden death in 2010, he is considered one of the great exponents of contemporary anime.

During this edition of El Festival, the four emblematic feature films he directed will be screened: Perfect Blue (1997), Millennium Actress (2001), Tokyo Godfathers (2003) and Paprika (2006).