Ethel & Ernest


Ethel & Ernest

Roger Mainwood | UK-Luxembourg, 2016 | 94 minutos

The true story of Raymond Briggs' parents, Ethel and Ernest. They're two ordinary Londoners who fall in love against the background of immense social change in the mid 20th century, experiencing the Depression, World War II, post-war austerity and cultural upheaval. Forty years of change, one enduring love. (Annecy)

About the Director:

Roger Mainwood is a freelance film Director, Animation Director and Storyboard animator Writer at Mainwood Animations. With a very long experience in both film and televisión, he began working for Richard Williams Animation, and for John Coates and his TVC studio. He served as animator, storyboard writer and artist, layout artista, animator director, and director in a vast list of productions such as Raymond Briggs’ BAFTA winning The Snowman, Father Christmas, Stressed Eric, Meg and Mog, Little Princess. Mike the Knight, and 'The Snowman and the Snow Dog', among many others.