Character Designing Through Collage


Character Designing Through Collage

Workshop | Speaker: Deanna Marsigliese

Collaging is a wonderful approach to character conceptualization! It inspires bold shape choices, as well as interesting textures and pattern combinations. It's a tactile art form that leaves plenty of room for spontaneity, symbolism and experimentation.

We'll start with a quick sketch & learn how to reinterpret it piece by piece, as we search the pages of old magazines, cut them up & explore the possibilities of the textures within!


  • Duration : 6 hours spread over two sessions
  • Date / Time : Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5, 11:00 hrs.
  • Where : Flor de Mayo, classroom 2
  • Access : All passports

How to Register : This is a professional workshop, so those interested should fill out the form for professional workshops (if you have not done it you can fill it out here ). Do not forget to also request a place where this workshop is in the "Program" section.

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