Pixelatl's Manifesto 2018

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Pixelatl's Manifesto 2018


Resentment rumbles through our streets, our people, and our blood. It generates distances. It burrows in our souls. Indolence and abuse surround us and fear dominates every relationship.

But not all is lost. Still, in this time of pain and anger, hope beats inside humans. It's in the pulse, where lineage is cast. Despite our differences we share heart. We're nourished by the same. We are sisters and brothers.

It's true that we're different, distant, and hurt. But our fortune is shared: the human condition applies to all without labels. That’s the reason, even fractured, harmony is possible.

Even when people can't see it or can't accept it: Only united we prevail. One with the other. We are here to support each other. Only when we can acknowledge the importance of others, we will overcome our fate.

Concordia, which means “together heart with heart.”