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Many civilizations throughout history found that some stars change very little their positions in the sky. People considered them special because of their permanence and equal relationship with other stars. They linked stars to each other; they started to see figures; and they named them.

Mythological characters, legendary heroes, representations of our imagination: these figures are a reflection of human creativity and of each particular culture.

Many towns separated by space and time joined the dots and created meanings with the stars.


Faced with an increasing distance between other beings in our daily lives, we thought it was necessary to think over that which unites us to find ways to reduce social gaps, a cause that limits economic and social development. During that exercise, we found out that constellations are a good metaphor for what we discovered in our reflection.

Just like constellations, art and storytelling are activities that "connect the dots." They link events in plastic and sequential manifestations to explain, to give meaning, to make some sense of things, and to understand what will happens to us in the future.

The result of joining the points (the "mythological figure" in the sky & the creative or narrative piece) is something that contributes to close human distances. It helps build a "we" among those who share it and produces new meanings that transform us.

We believe that each person is the link, that which connects the points; who gives meaning.

Therefore, during the festival, use your imagination. Connect the dots. And change the world.