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Animation Director at Anima Estudios | Mexico

He co-directed along with Eduardo Sprowls, “Magos y Gigantes”, first feature of the study. This was the first animated feature made in Mexico after 28 years.

Also at Anima Studios, he worked as an animator for the second feature of the house, "Imaginum," later on, he directed “El Agente 00 P-2”. Along with the direction of this project, he participated in the design of characters and build of the serie "Poncho Balón".

In 2010, he worked as consultant for the film "Don Gato". Later that year began working as storyboard consultant for “El Santos vs la Tetona Mendoza”, he also was the animation director of the film.

He worked as a supervising director of the animated series " Teenage Fairy tale Dropouts," which airs on TV channels worldwide. His latest work is “Don Gato, el inicio de la pandilla” which was released in theaters in October 2015.