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Discotecno Band | Mexico

Born in the planet Kashyyyk, The Wookies spent more than a decade locked in the imperial prison Dathomir during the Galactic Civil War. They managed to escape and came to Earth thanks to a galactic RIDE. Discriminated by their physical appearance, The Wookies make their living entertaining in the most underground parties around the world.

The Wookies is a band from Mexico City, their genre is electronic, techno and disco music, it is formed by Hugo Díaz Barreiro (Calacas) and Andre Fernández (Andre VII). They published their first EP "Discotecno" with clear disco influences and high energy drive, which positioned themselves at the top of the charts worldwide. Their music has been featured in Cumbre Tajín, Glastonbury and LAMC.

They have performed on stage with Chemical Brothers, Die Antwoord, DJ Mehdi, Steve Aoki, among many others, and toured internationally in countries such as Japan, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, USA, England, France and Spain.

The Wookies will perform at the Festival closing party on Saturday 12th September.