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Comic author | Mexico

He started his career in 1997, collaborating in Cinacros and Ransom 4 magazines. In 2001 he founded the namesake School of Art and Design, which focuses on teaching Comic and Manga drawing style. In 2006 he creates the Editorial Brillo Azteca.

In 2011 he founded the Institute of Graphics Authors, which has the aim of training young people to develop their own publishing projects. Since 2012 he works for transnational companies such as Alpla (German company), West Coast Customs, Bridgestone and more.

In 2013 he works drawing characters from Capcom and Marvel comics in the book "Shadowloo Showdown Art Book", published in Melbourne Australia.

Currently he is working at UNAM in artistic, creative and research projects, as well as in the publication of his new comic: "Mayor Justicia", which is going to be presented during the Festival.