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Development of intellectual properties | Mexico

Based in Guadalajara, México, Lunch Media was founded in 2011 by Celso Gracía and Lorena Machuca. The company develops projects for film, animation, intellectual property and licensing.

In 2014 Lunch Media won first place in the Ideatoon Contest with the animation project "Mariachi Zombie", in 2015 Lunch Media signed a production agreement with Atomic Cartoons to develop the series.

Celso García is a film director, screenwriter and CEO of Media Lunch. He has directed short films and feature films. His “La Leche y el Agua” won twenty seven international awards. Currently, is promoting their debut feature “La Delgada Línea Amarilla”, which has Guillermo del Toro as executive producer. Celso has developed a number of properties and characters, including "Mariachi Zombie".

Lorena Machuca serves as Producer Online in Lunch Media since november 2010. She produced the video games “Sushi Pets” and “Sushi Pets, Jump n´Ride”. In 2012, Lorena collaborated in the development of the characters and property "Mexico Lindo". She is co-author of "Mariachi Zombie".