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Producer and board member at CoMix Wave Films | Japan

Kazuki Sunami was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1972. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, USA, he joined CoMix Wave Films and was in charge of the overseas sales of “cwfilms”. In 2007 he was assigned his current position as Board Director of CoMix Wave Films.

He was one of the producers of Makoto Shinkai's "Children Who Chase Lost Voices"(2012) and "Peeping Life: We Are The Hero"(2014), directed by Ryoichi Mori.

He also produced the world's first CGI Kaiju movie "Negadon: The Monster from Mars" (2005), and "Planzet" (2010) both directed by Jun Awazu, as well as "The Asylum Session" (2009), directed by Tact Aoki.

He established YouTube's original anime channel "Anime Bancho" in 2012, introducing the most recent and experimental anime including Trigger's "Inferno Cop".