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Animator, screenwriter, designer, illustrator, director, heavy metal guitarist and lightsaber fencing aficionado | Spain

This fourty-something young man tries to deliver all his skills in what he calls Conflictivo Productions, but one skill at a time.

PosEso (Possesed) is his first animated feature, it is a satanic action comedy made with clay which includes possessions, exorcisms, poltergeist, witchcraft, blood and flamenco music. It pays tribute to all horror films related to the devil, strictly in claymation style. It was Annecy 2015 Official Selection and has received awards at Chilemonos, Athens Animfest, Sitges Film Festival, Future Film Festival and Anifilm.

He has been known in the shortfilm scene as responsible for the creation of titles as Encarna, Vicenta or The Werepig.

It is possible to see him soon engaging in such activities as Tai-chi, playing the recorder or doing vegetarian cooking (but this remains to be seen!).