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Producer | USA

John Andrews got his big break producing Beavis & Butt-Head for MTV. He brought a background in theater and music -- including the scores for three amateur musicals and the repertoires for 3 rock bands -- and in broadcast design -- including 3 Emmys-- to his job shepherding B&B and to his subsequent long career as a producer.

In the mid 1990's John served as MTV's VP of Animation. He was hired to produce Beavis in 1992 and went on to oversee the development and production of Daria, Æon Flux and MTV's Oddities: The Maxx & The Head. He also co-produced the feature Beavis & Butt-Head Do America.

In 1998 John became Executive Producer of Commercials and Special Projects at Klasky Csupo where he remained through 2010. Among the highlights there were overseeing development for the Flash-based cartoon channel Global Tantrum and producing many widely seen ad campaigns.

John spent 2011-2014 at Six Point Harness, the LA-based animation studio. There he was an executive producer of the studio’s popular independent animated feature Dick Figures: The Movie. He also oversaw the development of Fresh Beat Band of Spies for Nickelodeon.

John was also festival co-director for 3 outings of the currently dormant Los Angeles Animation Festival (LAAF) between 2007-2012. In 2015 he became an executive producer at Dream East Pictures USA, the recently launched LA-based subsidiary of a major Hong Kong themed entertainment company. The new unit’s first animated series will premiere in late 2016.