Curator / Poland

Master of History of Arts, alumni of Postgraduate Studies for Museum Curators at Jagiellonian University, curator.

From 2010 to 2015 she was the manager of Se-ma-for Museum of Animation, originator and coordinator of numerous film education projects, like Animation – a World of Never-ending Possibilities, Se-ma-for Film Festival ON TOUR, Eye and Ear. Review of animated and documentary films with audio description, Se-ma-for On Tour 2014, among others.

She was co-organizer and coordinator of educational activities of Se-ma-for European/Asian Express 2011 and Junior Se-ma-for Film Festival.

Currently she is the organizer of cultural events, currently head of cinema distribution & film education at Momakin. She’s responsible for preparation and coordination of animation workshops for both children and adults, and education events for professionals; co-organizer of AnimArt (International Festival of Animation Art in Lodz, Poland) & the programmer of education events at the festival.

Participation in El Festival:

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