Director Tadeo Jones 1 & 2 and Catching The Flag

Enrique Gato is a Spanish filmmaker who started his career developing computer graphics engines and cinematics for video games.

He studied Informatics Engineering and become part of Artek , an association oriented to computer graphics. As a student, Enrique developed some basic 3Dgraphics engines and began his first experimental animated short films.

After that, he worked as animator in Pyro Studios, a Spanish videogame company, and developed sequences for the videogames Praetorians , Commandos and Heart of Stone .

In 2003 he leaves Pyro to join to La Fiesta Studio, where he starts working on his character Tadeo Jones and in the short film where he appears for the first time: The Adventures of Tadeo Jones, which premiered in November 2004, and won a Goya (the Spanish Film Academy Award), for the best animated short film, among other 65 international awards.

In 2007 release a second short film with the same character: an 18-minute piece with which he repeats success and again gets the Goya to the best animated short film, in addition to another 30 awards. After that he decided to develop a feature film with the character, in stereoscopic format, which sees the light in 2012 breaking box office records in spain.

In 2015 he released his second Feature: Atrapa la Bandera (Catch the Flag), and in 2017 will premiere the sequel to his iconic character, in Tadeo Jones 2.

Participation in El Festival:

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