Director of Media Training & Consulting

Paco Rodríguez founded PPM Multimedia in 1990, where he spent 10 years working in international distribution, financing co-productions and in the executive production of several animated series such as Koki , Capelito , Caracolimpicos .

He was executive producer of seven feature films that gave him four Goyas (The Spanish Film Academy Award), for El Cid the Legend , Pinocchio 3000 , Nocturna , Perez the little mouse of dreams I and II , with FILMAX ANIMATION .

He currently directs MEDIA TRAINING & CONSULTING , a company dedicated to training and consulting in the audiovisual and film sector as well as digital content. He also collaborates as a consultant for the Institute of Foreign Trade, in the field of the internationalization of Spanish audiovisual. He is an expert on the EU Media program.

Participation in El Festival:

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